Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

You have probably bought things on impulse, items that are not suitable for your body shape, lifestyle and in the wrong colours; clothes that made you feel good for 10 minutes but very quickly lost their appeal?

A wardrobe audit will help you to understand why you find it difficult to wear some items in your wardrobe and how to possibly fix them;

“I will help you create a user-friendly wardrobe so your clothes and accessories are accessible and wearable. We will identify key pieces that are lacking in your wardrobe and I will show you how those key pieces will open up your current wardrobe to create more wearable possibilities with what you already have.”

You will also gain insight to future trends so you can plan your next purchases in a way that will complement and update what is currently in your wardrobe.

Create a new outlook; a new direction; a new style; a new YOU!

Our Services

  • Simplify and organise your wardrobe
  • Create a wardrobe full of easily accessible and wearable clothes
  • Wear the clothes you have in new ways
  • “Fix” problem garments
  • Identify key pieces lacking from your wardrobe
  • Fashion styling and forecasting
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