Have you ever wondered why some colours look amazing on your friends, but not so great on you? How many times have we all tried a friend’s lipstick because it looked absolutely fabulous on her, but only to be disappointed as it didn’t have the same impact on us.

That’s because we all have varying skin tones. The first layer is to identify if you have a cool or warm skin tone. The best way is with a systematic approach using colour theory; don’t look at the veins of your arms or if you have fair, medium or dark skin, it has nothing to do with these factors, as some may suggest. You have to look at the way colours interact with your hair, skin and eyes; do some colours highlight your imperfections will other make you glow? The power of colour is truly amazing. Changing the colour of your hair, can usually change the way certain colours look on you.

Look at the photos above, both have blond hair and fair skin, but you can see one has golden warm tones (left), while the other has pink cool undertones (right). Notice on the left her lipstick is a warm red while on the right is wearing a blue based red to best suit her colouring.

Determining if you have a warm or cool skin tone will help you to choose your most flattering colours in clothes, makeup, hair and accessories.

The colours you wear determine how good you look

By not wearing your most flattering colours you can look older, tired, drab, lacking confidence and energy.

If the colours are right for you, you will feel confident; and vibrant; your skin will look brighter, diminishing fine lines and dark circles, making the whites of your eyes whiter as well as brightening the colour of your teeth.

By determine your individual skin-tone and your personal best colours, you will receive expert advice to enhance and intensify your skin, hair and eyes, as well as an understanding of how to use colour to alter the appearance of your body shape.

A customised colour swatch with 60 of your best colours is included with your consultation.

Workshops and Style Parties

Group consultations are a fun way to socialise with family and friends and can be customised accordingly.

Recommended for 2 to 6 people, group consultations are perfect for get-togethers bridal parties, birthdays, and more.

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