Your Best Shade of White


Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life, and your dress is the focus of the day. Melita’s key role is to create a harmonious array of styles and colours that reflect a common theme and colour palette.

The service includes hair, makeup and accessories for each member of the bridal party.

Which shade of White are you?

Did you know not everyone is suited to the same shade of white?

Some Brides look best in vibrant cool whites while some look fabulous in warm ivory tones. The key to this consultation is to unlock the best shade of white for your skin tone as well as the most flattering styles for your body shape.

Choosing the correct shade of white is the key ingredient to looking fabulous not only in the physical but vital for photos and media.

Wearing your most flattering shade of white can make you appear vibrant, your skin looks radiant, shadows and imperfections are minimise and the whites of your eyes and teeth appear whiter and brighter. Overall you are far more photogenic.

However, wearing an unflattering shade of white can make you appear older, your skin looks blotchy, shadows and lines are emphasised. Your teeth appear more yellow and your eyes dull if the shade of white is not in sinc with your natural colouring.

Remember it will cost you the same amount of money to purchase your Wedding Dress in the wrong shade of white  as it will in your best shade

A selection of bridal gowns will be recommended and if the dress is to be made, the most flattering fabrics in colour, style and texture will be sourced and recommended.

Hair Makeup & Accessories

An analysis of your face shape will determine the best hairstyles, accessories and makeup application.

When you use the correct colours in your makeup, you don’t need to apply as much, which means you are not using excess coverage for a flawless appearance, so you don’t look over-done.

You can use your make-up to repeat the undertone of your dress, jewellery, and flower bouquet and table centrepieces to give you your theme colours. When this is repeated time after time, it creates a beautiful energy of colour giving you effortless beauty, style and harmony.


If you already have a shortlist of dresses or have chosen a Wedding Dress and need some expert advice, Melita can help you with your final choices and help you to bring the total look together.  Consultation can be tailored to your needs and budget.

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